Stille Fragmente is the latest in a series of works where Katja Hock explores the relationship between what is visible and what is suggested, between what is recorded and what lies hidden ready to be imagined by the viewer.

Inviting the viewer on a journey through public woodland she focuses on the mundane yet beautiful using still photographs combined with almost-still moving images. This process, where particular sites recur in several images (sometimes visibly made at different points in time) and where the still can be mistaken for the moving image, brings into question the idea of rooted memories and suggests instead a place of transience and change. During the exhibition, the illusion of looking into a space via three screens presented in triptych-like manner invites to viewer to undertake not only a visual but also a physical journey while walking and tarrying within the gallery itself.

The photographic work is accompanied by a publication in form of box. As well as a selection of photographs, this box contains an introduction written by independent curator Lesley Farrell and a series of short reflections in prose by Emma Cocker where she explores aspects of our understanding of woodlands. Similarly to the photographs, the reader is invited to journey through the text bringing their own senses and imagination towards what is shown or only suggested.

Alongside the walks and the collating event, please see below, this website invites the viewer to contribute to the work by sharing their stories and histories.

The contact page can be used in order to share written material, or simply to get in touch with the artists. For other forms of documents, for example, photographs, newspaper cuttings, sounds, please send me an e-mail using the following address:

The material will then be uploaded to the website and can be seen under heading: Viewers’ Contributions